5 Myths About Tooth Cavities from Hudson Family Dentistry, Part 1

Like anything else, cavities are also subject to a series of myths. When someone is trying to prevent or treat a cavity, being aware of common–and even harmful–myths can make or break how effective treatment is.

Myth 1: Acidic Foods Cause Cavity

Acidic foods don’t directly cause cavities, but they do break down the enamel on teeth. The loss of enamel can weaken the tooth, making it more prone to decay, but it doesn’t actually cause a cavity. Dentists do say that the bacteria that’s responsible for decay produce their own acids, so frequently consuming acidic foods can speed up the process in present decay.

Myth 2: Fillings Will Need to Be Replaced Eventually

Cavity fillings do have a life expectancy but how long that lifespan actually is depends on how the tooth wears and the quality of oral hygiene. Thorough twice-a-day brushing, regular dental cleanings, and good nutrition can greatly expand the life expectancy of a filling.

Myth 3: Cavities Always Make Themselves Known

Not everyone knows when they have a cavity. They aren’t always visible to the naked eye nor are they always painful. Generally, by the time a patient is experiencing discomfort from a cavity, it’s become more serious than if it had been found at a routine dental examination. Our local dentist will be able to find a cavity before it causes any pain or discomfort.

Myth 4: Kids Are More Likely to Get Cavities

Advanced dental care means that tooth sealants, access to quality preventative care, and fluoride in water has decreased the amount of cavities found in school-aged kids by at least 50 percent in the past 20 years. Seniors are actually more likely to have cavities. There’s no direct reason as of right now, but dentists are hypothesizing that it’s probably because of medications that seniors are taking. A lot of prescription drugs dry out the mouth and decrease the production of saliva. Saliva naturally neutralizes cavity-causing plaque acids and washes away leftover food particles and acid. Dry mouth can also enhance the wear and tear on existing cavity fillings, meaning the fillings will probably have to be replaced more frequently.

Myth 5: Cavities Can Be Healed

Patients will run across a lot of internet information claiming there are tooth cavity treatments that will completely erase a cavity. This just isn’t true and our Hudson NC dentist will agree. Scientifically and medically, there is just no evidence that cavities can be eliminated. They can be effectively treated and filled, but they will always be present no matter the type of tooth cavity treatments used.

The best way to identify and treat a cavity is by visiting our experienced Hudson NC dentist. Regular examinations will help stop cavities before they require invasive and intensive treatment, meaning treatment is easier and the recovery time is significantly faster.

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