6 Easy Tips Anyone Can Do to Reduce Tooth Sensitivity

Willingly or not, your daily morning habit may be causing too much pain. The choices you make about brush, toothpaste are as much about the wellness you want to attain. These tips from our Hudson dentists can help you fight against sensitivity in your teeth and surrounding area inside your mouth.

1. Choose Toothpaste With ‘Sensitivity’ Label

Expert cosmetic dentists tell us that some people’s toothpaste choices reflect what is cheap, easy to grab and brings immediate taste. Such a choice is one of the reasons these folks have sensitive teeth and bleeding gums. Toothpastes come in various shapes, sizes and content. Some are carefully designed with sensitivity in mind. They usually contain potassium nitrate that cleans and blocks the tubules in the dentin. So if you have sensitive teeth, go for one that clearly specifies this feature on the label.

2. Be Gentle While Brushing

Now, if you are like most people, you may be using a hard brush or scrubbing your teeth vigorously. Teeth etiquette is something you probably haven’t been considering when you wake up in the morning since a long time. The truth is, treating your teeth like a plate can make the enamel as well as the cementum wear out quickly. Changing your brushing habit and being gentle on the teeth can go a long way when you have sensitive teeth.

3. Paint Your Sensitive Teeth

There is an immense discrepancy between the types of desensitizing toothpastes you can buy at stores. If you are unsure, ask our local dentist in Hudson or other cosmetic dentists for painted-on barriers. Your sensitive teeth areas are protected well with the use of professional plastic resin or fluoride varnish at dental clinics. However, depending on the material used, you may have to visit our dental office multiple times.

4. No More Acidic Foods and Drinks

Perhaps never before has the advice been so strong, that acidic foods and drinks make your teeth lose their protective layer faster. If you care about your teeth, limit your exposure to sour juices, red wine and pickles. Or try to brush after you take them. After all, acidic food’s impact on sensitivity hasn’t been limited to teeth alone, it has spread to the intestine and beyond as well.

5. Leave Your Teeth Alone

Let us turn for a moment to the issue of teeth grinding. You have already heard it mentioned several times when you were a child. Grinding teeth is the main cause for unexplained jaw teeth and headaches, besides sensitive teeth. Now, if you have retained that habit into adulthood, time to reconsider it seriously.

6. Exercise Your Facial Muscles

With exercise, you will begin shifting your plate and start experiencing teeth health at the highest level. You will discover the importance of blood flow around gums that can dramatically help your sensitive teeth heal. For more information, visit Hudson Family Dentistry today!