What is the Blue Light My Dentist Uses? Ask Our Hudson Family Dentist

If you’ve ever had a cavity filled, or some other type of small restoration, you may have seen your dentist use a strange-looking instrument emitting a blue light during your treatment. In today’s Hudson family dentistry blog, we answer all your questions about what the “blue light” is, and how it helped revolutionize the world […]

The History of Teeth, Part 2: Amazing Facts From Our Hudson Family Dentist

In our previous post, we highlighted some of the strangest and most interesting facts about dentistry throughout the ages. Turns out, dentistry has such a long, complex past, we couldn’t confine everything to just one post! Below are a few historical facts about teeth that we think are too cool not to share. The First […]

Amazing Facts About the History of Teeth from Our Hudson Family Dentist

The world of dentistry has a long, strange history with lots of ups and downs! Below are some weird and wonderful facts you probably didn’t know about historical dental care. The First Filling Was Made of Wax Modern dental cavities are usually filled with tooth-colored resin, or a mix of various metals called an “amalgam.” […]

Why Hermey the Elf Is Our Favorite Dentist Here at Hudson Family Dentistry

The 1964 stop-motion movie “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer” is a beloved Christmas classic, and for good reason. The heartwarming story of so-called “misfits” facing adversity and saving Christmas has inspired generations of children with the clear message that being different isn’t wrong or bad. While most of the movie focuses on the titular reindeer, our […]

Learn How Nicotine in E-Cigarettes Harms Your Teeth from Our Hudson NC Dentist

With vaping in the news so much lately, you may be wondering if it poses any health risks for your teeth. The answer, we can say with confidence, is yes! This is because many e-cigarette vapors contain nicotine, the same ingredient that has already been shown to cause damage in tobacco chewers and cigarette smokers. […]

Hudson NC Dentist Explains the 5 Types of Human Teeth

From chewing our food to helping us smile and communicate, our teeth perform a vital role in our quality of life. However, aside from those studying to become a dentist or dental hygienist, few people think about the different types of teeth and the roles they play in our lives. If you’ve ever been curious […]

Oral Health Issues in America: An Overview from Our Hudson NC Dentist Office

America is one of the wealthiest countries in the world, and we have the most working dentists per capita, too—about twice as many as the second-highest contender, Brazil. However, these statistics obscure an unfortunate truth about American oral health, which is that diseases like tooth decay and gum disease still cause significant pain and hardship […]

Understanding Basic Tooth Anatomy with a Hudson NC Dentist

Our teeth make up just a tiny portion of our bodies—so how is it that these little shards of calcium can be so sensitive and so easily damaged? In today’s post, our Hudson NC dentist will discuss basic tooth anatomy so patients can better understand how to care for them. Understanding tooth anatomy can also […]

Dental Health During Chemotherapy: Ask a Hudson Dentist

If you will soon be undergoing chemotherapy, you may be wondering how the treatment will affect your dental health. Below is more information on how chemotherapy affects the mouth and gums, and what you can do to take care of your oral health during and after treatment. How does chemotherapy affect the mouth? Chemotherapy drugs […]

4 Things You Didn’t Know About George Washington’s Teeth

George Washington might have had the most renowned set of false teeth in American history. In celebration of Fourth of July, today we’re serving up a very Presidential post about George Washington’s teeth, and the many dental issues that beset the unfortunately stern-faced Founding Father. George Washington’s Teeth Weren’t Wooden The famous claim that George […]