6 Great Solutions to Kick Bad Breath from Our Hudson Dentist

There is nothing quite as embarrassing as bad breath. No one wants it, and there are a few dental hygiene tips that can help you avoid the dreaded bad breath! Our Hudson NC dentist recommends these six solutions to kick bad breath problems, and never worry about bad breath again. The number one dental hygiene […]

Hudson Family Dentistry Shares Dental Hygiene Tips to Keep Your Teeth Clean for Thanksgiving

During the Holidays, Be More Aware of Keeping Your Teeth Clean from Food, Drinks and Snacks Thanksgiving is a great time of year for people who love food and family. However, it is important to keep a couple of things in mind as they relate to dental hygiene. There are many people who do not […]

Hudson NC Dentist Provides Tips on Recovering From a Wisdom Teeth Removal Surgery

Wisdom tooth removal certainly counts as one of the most common types of oral surgery in Hudson, NC. Many people have their wisdom teeth taken out to either save a smile or to make room in the mouth before other procedures like orthodontics. If you’re facing this type of surgery, you’re probably wondering how painful […]

Learn How Our Hudson General Dentist Can Restore Your Smile & Help Improve Your Life

Having a beautiful smile is not only attractive it is also crucial for high self-confidence and critical to good oral health. Obtaining a strong smile is possible thanks to aesthetic restorations and cosmetic dentistry. The following are some methods used when restoring smiles from dull and unattractive to one that individuals will want to show […]

5 Myths About Tooth Cavities from Hudson Family Dentistry – Part 2

Brushing your teeth twice a day, flossing once a day and going to our Hudson NC dentist for dental checkups at least twice a year are some of the recommended standards for keeping your teeth white. However, there are other factors that affect your teeth that you might not be aware of. The following article […]

5 Myths About Tooth Cavities from Hudson Family Dentistry – Part 1

Like anything else, cavities are also subject to a series of myths. When someone is trying to prevent or treat a cavity, being aware of common–and even harmful–myths can make or break how effective treatment is. Myth 1: Acidic Foods Cause Cavity Acidic foods don’t directly cause cavities, but they do break down the enamel […]

Hudson Family Dentistry Helps You Identify, Combat & Prevent Gum Disease

Gum tissue serves to protect and support the lower structures of the teeth and the tissues that hold teeth in place. If gums become unhealthy and patients do not visit their local dental office and get proper gum disease treatment, teeth are then susceptible to decay, infection and loosening. Gum problems may also affect general […]

Welcome to Our New Hudson Family Dentistry Website & Dental Blog!

Thank you for stopping by to check out our brand new website and dental blog. We have built this website with our patients and potential new patients in mind to be able to easily find information about the dentistry services we provide for your whole family. Our blog will be refreshed with great, informational content […]