Meet Our Team

Dr William Nabors

William Nabors, DDS

Hudson NC General Dentist

Dr. Nabors has been practicing Dentistry for over 30 years. He loves to crack jokes with the patients and he always makes them laugh. He is a soft-kind hearted gentleman and always makes our patients feel relaxed and comfortable while in the chair. He never lets a patient leave without fully knowing their treatment plan. Dr Nabors always makes our staff laugh and knows just what to say to keep us motivated throughout the day. Outside of Hudson Family Dentistry, He also loves to spend time with his daughters and family. You will rarely see him without his beloved dog Sonny, he is truly this mans best friend.

Sydney Herman

Dental Hygienist

Sydney is our dedicated hygienist. She does an amazing job taking care of all of our patients hygiene needs. Her bright smile always lights up the room and she enjoys helping each patient learn how to improve and sustain good oral health. She enjoys helping her patients feel comfortable and at ease. Outside of Hudson Family Dentistry, Sydney enjoys spending time with her family and boyfriend. She makes her health a priority by going to the gym and spending time relaxing on the beach every chance she gets.

Samantha Godfrey

Dental Assistant

Samantha has been a dental assistant for over 7 years. She loves her job and it shows.She has the best personality and wonderful sense of humor. Not a day goes by that you don’t hear laughter from a patients room! Outside of Hudson Family Dentistry Sam loves to spend time with her husband and beautiful daughter, Taytum. Sam and her husband enjoy dreaming up new home improvements to make their house a home for their beautiful little family. She also loves finding exciting new trash to treasure projects. Taytum keeps a smile on her face with her sweet and sassy personality. We all enjoy hearing all the cute “Taytum” stories and you will too.

Jamie Gerald

Dental Assistant

Jamie is our go to girl in the back. Whenever one of our assistant’s needs anything, she is always there to get it for them. Jamie always keeps our sterilization caught up and steps in whenever needed no matter what the task. She enjoys talking to the patients and getting to know them as if they were her friend. Outside of Hudson Family Dentistry, Jamie loves to spend time with her kids and fiancé first and foremost, but enjoys to travel, shop, and spend all her soon-to-be husbands money!