Our Hudson NC Dentist Explains How to Take Better Care of Your Mouth

Fitting dental care into one’s busy schedule is difficult, but necessary. Left unchecked and untreated, your mouth can harbor bad bacteria and develop diseases over time. This includes gum disease, which is one of the most common health issues faced by adults, gingivitis, cavities, and even oral cancer. In addition to damaging your health, confidence can also be affected by physical changes and foul odors in the mouth.

Importance of Getting Regular Dental Checkups

The services of a general dentist in Hudson NC are oftentimes forgone in exchange for momentary savings. This is especially true for people who are not covered by some form of insurance policy as the cost of dental procedures range between $100 to as much as $750. From basic teeth cleaning to more specific procedures like wisdom tooth removal and teeth correction through braces, the services of a general dentist can improve your overall health and minimize the risk of disease. A simple regular dental checkup done at least once a year can make a huge impact as this enables medical professionals to assess your oral health and advise treatment accordingly.

Prevention of Oral Disease

Aside from regular general dentistry checkups, prevention of oral diseases should also be done at home. By preventing the root cause of these diseases, an individual bypasses potential damage to teeth and gums as well as dental bills made to his/her account. For starters, quit smoking as the habit increases your risk for gum disease. The same goes for alcohol and caffeinated drinks, which extends its damage to other vital organs of the body including the liver and kidneys.

Dental Hygiene Done Right

General dentists in Hudson NC strongly recommend you keep a good, consistent dental hygiene regimen. Brush your teeth with fluoride toothpaste for at least twice per day or at every big meal. The motions your hand does with the toothbrush while brushing plays a huge role when cleaning teeth and gums. Make small circular motions while applying light pressure to avoid damaging the surface of your teeth. In addition, floss your teeth at least once per day, preferably done during nighttime before you sleep.

Taking Action Today

Taking care of your teeth and gums isn’t just a onetime process. The general dentistry checkups and cleaning appointments should be done twice per year. If employed, check with your employer if they offer dental insurance or benefits that could lower the cost of procedures. Call our office today to schedule an appointment with our Hudson dentist.