Our Hudson NC Dentist Shares How Long You Should Brush Your Teeth

Growing up, kids are taught that they need to brush their teeth twice a day for two minutes each. Then they grow up using that same method. Truth is, the method is wrong. Hudson NC dentistry says that teeth need to brushed for as long it takes for them to get clean. That might take five minutes, 2 minutes, or even 30 seconds.

According to general and family dentists, time is not only but important to get the teeth clean but so is the way they get clean. The teeth need the right tools. If the teeth are not cleaned properly, then it does not matter how long they are brushed. They will not get clean.

The local dentist in Hudson NC says that the average time that an individual should brush their teeth is at least 2 minutes but that it needs to be done the right way. Use a toothbrush that has a ADA seal and one that has fluoride in it as well. Hold the toothbrush at a 45 degree angle to the gum line. Brush down for the top teeth and up for the bottom teeth as to not irritate the gums by going against the gum line. Just remember it doing the opposites of each. General and family dentists prefer to use power toothbrushes because they do the work for them! Another important part of brushing teeth is to brush every part of the mouth. Brush the insides and outsides of the top and bottom teeth along with the tongue. Most people do not think to brush their tongue but it is actually one of the most important aspects of oral hygiene. The tongue is the source of bad breath which means the tongue should be brushed frequently to avoid bad breath and even gingivitis.

Hudson Family Dentistry has many facts and tips on oral hygiene and brushing the teeth. It might feel like such a small part of an individual’s life, but our local dentist in Hudson NC says otherwise. Brushing teeth, knowing how long to do it, and how is the right way to do it is an important aspect of overall hygiene and health.