Spots On Your Teeth? Time to Schedule Your Hudson Dentist Appointment!

If your teeth are starting to show brown or yellow spots on them, then it is most likely time for you to contact Hudson general dentist for a teeth cleaning. Browns spots develop on your teeth after while when you smoke or drink a lot of coffee. Plaque buildup and other problems can cause a yellow tinge to coat your teeth. Fortunately, the solution to many discoloration problems is a very thorough teeth cleansing. A basic cleaning includes procedure such as:


The first step after the hygienist takes X-rays and prepares you is the scraping process. The hygienist will take a dental tool and scrape the plaque and tartar from your teeth. He or she will also attempt to remove any staining that is evident on your teeth. The specialist will also check to see if you have large pockets in your gum. A thorough scraping takes about 30 minutes. It could take longer if you have gone a while without getting it done.


The specialist will go in between all of your teeth and floss them. The flossing is usually very intense as the specialist wants to ensure that he or she removes all the in-between particles that may cause bad breath.

Brushing and Polishing

The teeth brushing and polishing services are wonderful services to top off that pretty smile. The specialist will brush your teeth with a machine and then apply polish to them so they look attractive. The dentist may visit you before or after the hygienist performs his or her work. He or she will advise you as to what to do next after your teeth cleaning is complete. The dentist may see a service that you need to complete such as a root canal or something different. You will be advised to undergo that treatment to preserve your teeth.

Schedule Your Appointment Now

You should schedule your hygiene procedures at least once every three to six months. Many insurance companies pay for the regular cleanings. You can schedule an appointment with our Hudson general dentists by calling on the phone or completing an online form. Someone will get back to you and let you know of the best time to come in for a good teeth cleansing.