Why Hermey the Elf Is Our Favorite Dentist Here at Hudson Family Dentistry

The 1964 stop-motion movie “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer” is a beloved Christmas classic, and for good reason. The heartwarming story of so-called “misfits” facing adversity and saving Christmas has inspired generations of children with the clear message that being different isn’t wrong or bad. While most of the movie focuses on the titular reindeer, our favorite character is Hermey the Elf. While the other elves are content making toys, he dreams of something greater: Opening a dental practice in the North Pole. Below are some reasons why Hermey is close to the hearts of our Hudson family dentists, as well as dentists everywhere (the American Dental Association even gave him an honorary certificate!)

He’s Not Afraid to Be Different 

When we’re first introduced to Hermey, he’s getting an earful from his boss for daydreaming rather than making toys. He explains, to the mockery of his peers, that he doesn’t like to make toys: He’d rather be a dentist. Hermey doesn’t let the criticism bring him down or deter him from his dreams. He’s not afraid to be different or try something new, such as the noble profession of tooth care. 

He’s Loyal 

Hermey, Rudolph and a prospector named Yukon Cornelius end up joining together on the Island of Misfit Toys, where they’re given a quest: Return to the North Pole and ask Santa to rehome all of the misfit toys. There’s just one minor complication: The Abominable Snowman is attracted to Rudolph’s nose, and he’s been hunting the trio down. Rudolph insists that he should head out alone so as not to endanger his friends, but Hermey won’t hear of it. Even in the face of mortal danger, Hermey sticks by his fellow misfit, even if his efforts don’t stop Rudolph from sneaking out in the middle of the night alone. 

He Doesn’t Hold Grudges

After the group’s adventure, Hermey, Rudolph and Cornelius return to the North Pole, where they’re given a hero’s welcome for conquering the Abominable Snowman. Santa promises to find homes for the misfit toys, and Hermey’s former boss immediately approaches him with an apology, giving Hermey permission to open up his dentist’s office. Despite the fact that he was basically exiled from the North Pole as a misfit, Hermey doesn’t hold it against his boss or anyone else. He gets right to work, opening up his boss’s mouth for a spot dental checkup. 

Happy Holidays from Hudson Family Dentistry! 

How could you not love a dentist like Hermey? He’s loyal, brave, forgiving and dedicated to his craft. He has all the qualities we strive to embody here at Hudson Family Dentistry! If you need a dental checkup or other dental treatment in Hudson NC, click here to request an appointment!